Everybody wants to be paid for their content and interactions on social media. This app is one easy way to connect and arrange various paying social networks and other networks that pay. The application easily integrates to each paying network. It collects and updates new opportunities and notifies when new tutorials are added.


(iOS app is under development)

..Our technique

The unique element behind Project Bluefire is our user's handwork. We turn our social network app into a fast make money network without having our users to invest any money and have them connected on all the networks without charging any extra fees only at Project Bluefire. All the paying social networks and tutorials are carefully picked to look and feel good, as our team is exceptionally picky about both.


Grow your social influence and make money from your popular content.



Join us on #projectbluefire - Imagine waking up every day to check your earnings from your content - This is a social media app that rewards you.


Founder - Josh Leavitt

My name is Josh Leavitt and I'm the founder of the Project Bluefire. I've been engaged in paying social networks from the beginning, and more specific I was one of the first users of the first ever paying social network TSU. I found my true passion in helping people earn from being social.

Co-Founder - Spyros Archimides

My name is Spyros Archimides and I'm the co-founder of the Project Bluefire. I've been engaged in paying networks too since young age and I was also an early adopter of TSU like Josh Leavitt. I found my true passion in Web and Mobile Applications development during the last year of my studies at the faculty of Data Science and Engineering, Cyprus University Of Technology. My new obsession with modern technologies and web world has given me more space to express myself in a completely new way. My passion is to help people earn, learn, and share with their friends their experience of being a Bluefirer.


What is your mission?


Our mission is to get people paid for doing what they love on social media. You can create content in any of the paying social networks provided through the app but first you have to sign up or if you an existing user log in and then when other users like your content (photos, videos etc.) you get paid.


How do I earn for posting good content? 


Imagine you are the first user to click the like button of a photo. If many people vote on the same content after you, the user that has the content profits.


All the social networks pay their users in the same way?


No depending on what social network you are connected, the earnings are different. We provided many tutorials inside the project bluefire android app that explain in detail how each social network works, the points and how to withdraw your earnings and we will do the same on our iOS app which will be available for download on appstore very soon.


How do you earn money as a company if we don't pay you?


We house ads on our app to help the project progress. How would anyone expect Project Bluefire to grow and improve? Our idea is unique, and cannot be found elsewhere, and because of this exact reason we have a few investors that love our idea and that motivates us to continue doing what we love which is nothing more than paying our users for using social media like they do on facebook and instagram. Grow your social influence and make money from your popular content, and leave the rest to us. We will not disappoint you and we will make sure our first Bluefirers to gain the right loyalty points for being active.

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